Wednesday, 3 June 2009

And the bad news returns....

One of our cats Domino has sadly been put to sleep today, a very sad day. We thought he was constipated as he was straining to go to the toilet, we took him to the vets as he was very out of soughts and he was diagnosed with a blockage in his penis, unfortunately he had cystitus in August and we were told at the time that it was a bacterial infection so we didnt inform the insurance company, now the insurance company are saying that it is a pre-existing medical condition and refused to pay for the surgery to make him better - but even the opertation coud lead to further problems and without complications would cost £2k but then if there were any complication....

Well we made the almost impossible decision of putting him to sleep.

Very blue so good WW wise - only eaten 1/2 a ham sandwich and a toasted t-cake, just cannot face anything!

RIP baby Domino, we love you lots and you will always be in our hearts xXx

He loved his blankets.


  1. aw hun im so sorry to hear about domino...big hugs for ya.
    Insurance companies are right pains in the ass...i have similer problems with my dogs insurance...they say he had a pre- existing condition too. Grrrrrr

  2. Awww thanks - a very sad day yesterday but at least he is not in any pain and hopefully in a much happier place!

  3. Awwwwww Im soooo sorry, I have tears in my eyes reading your blog. If you just think that he is is a better, pain free place now. Big hugs xxxx