Monday, 1 June 2009

Going on holiday!!

For the 1st time in 3yrs Dave and I are going on holiday together - I went to Kenya with my sister (as she was splitting with my BIL) in Oct but before that Dave and I had been to Spain in 2006!!
Still a little worried about people having a pop at me but surely I cannot be expected to say housebound for the rest of my fat years?? But lost another 3lb this week so only 3lb away from being under 20st!!! Hopefully I will lose another 2st by September? Fingers crossed...

I have handed my notice in as clerk - we have a temp leader at the mo until a new leader comes through the system but money keeps going astry and I just know she is suspicious of me and Carol (Aunty who clerks @ WW too) and I just do not need the hassle, yes I don't have to pay to WI but to be honest I could really do without the getting up on a Sunday morning and grafting unloading & loading all the clobber and spending 3hrs of my Sunday for the sake of WI money! Sunday could also be my only day off soon if work carries on in the same way, think I will have to do Saturdays to keep on top of everything! Thankfully Dave is back in work now so I'm gonna find a weekday class that I can go to after work and do the monthly pass - also supposed to get e-source for being a clerk and I cannot get any leader to sort it out so at least I will have full access!!

Anyway - not been too bad points wise, a few over yesterday and today but I reckon I can claw them back ok!?

Happy Monday

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