Sunday, 7 June 2009

WI Day

Oh well 1 lb on for me this week - rubbish, I have been eaten rubbish (when I have been eating!) missed meals and therefore gained, hmph.

No WI next week as we are doing Race for life but might find a meeting to go to - undecided, think I will be a bit of a chancer if I dont go and will end up eating rubbish this week then try to claw back so prob best to find a meeting!! lol talked myself into it now!

Anywho - need to lose 4lb now to be under 20st!! Eeeek, that'll be a very good day!


  1. a great plan to find another meeting. My race for life is on a Wed eve in July and nicely clashes with my WI so I'm going to go to one the following evening.

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