Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Some good news

For a ruddy change - Dave has passed his CSCS card so can get back into the building trade should he wish to and he has also had confirmation of his tax rebate!! Good times but then the talk of holidays has come up.....good times?? Erm no, I really don't know if I wanna go through all of people staring at me at the airport, asking for a seatbelt extension, being uncomfortable in the seat, being grumpy because of all of the above - then people staring while on hol itself, getting picked on on nights out..... the list is endless and I just wonder if I am just being selfish or trying to protect my Dave from the embarrasment of it all, he must be able to tell when people are staring and talking about me, I know so surely he does, it must be horrid for him... Might just tag along on the hol that my mum and aunty are going on to Spain (safety in numbers!)

Not been too bad points wise, again not the healthiest but at least it is within points;

B - Mini weetabix & days milk - 5pts

L - Beans on 2 toast - 6pts

S - French fries & WW bar - 2.5pts

D - WW Pizza & 1pkt french fries - 4.5pts

18/29 - will have to have some supper!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Post none eventful BH w'end

Nothing happened, not one defining moment - hpmh!!

Was OK WW wise - yesterday;

B - Current t-cake - 4pts inc spread
L - Beef spread sandwich - 8pts & 2pkts French Fries - 10pts
D - Kebab meat & chips - 14pts



B - Cheerios & days milk - 5pts
S - Apple 0.5
L - Batchelors soup & 2 bread - 5pts
S - Apple & WW bar 2pts
D - Quiche 7pts, oven chips 3.5, spaghetti 2pts, 2 bread 3pts - 15.5pts


Although not the healthiest menu, still within points!!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

WI Day!!

Wohooo, 3 lbs off - finally got to my 2st!! Yeah.

Done nothing other than go to WW this morning, tried to sit out in the sun for a while earlier, feels like I waste it when I don't get out in it, managed reading outside for 40mins! Rubbish, cannot do anything on my own, get too bored!! Dave is obv watching all the football on today!

WW wise been fairly good; Ended counting too many points for my lollies last night so had 28/29 instead of the 295/29 that I suspected!

Today I have had;

Post WI - 2 toasted fruit t-cakes - 7 inc spread
S - 2pks of french fries - 2pts
D - Quiche 7, new pots 2 & sweetcorn 1 - 10pts

19/29 so far, perhaps I can hear the choc sponge calling from the freezer!?!?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The end of a horrid week...

My weekend is finally here, worked this morning and thankfully caught up on quite a lot of work!! Wahoo!!! Downside is that Dave was due his 1st full weeks pay for 5mths - turns out it hasnt gone into his bank and he has the suspicious feeling that he may have given the wrong bank details, booo! Another weekend in then, not even got ANY petrol so can't even skip off to the coast with some sandwiches of our own - we are pretty much housebound, unless I can tempt him out to a walk!?

Anyho today I have eaten;

B - Mini weetabix & days milk - 5pts
S - 4 biscuits - 4pts
L - 2 boiled eggs on toast - 7pts
D - Bangers n mash - 10.5pts
S - mini milk lolly & mini twister lolly - 3pts??

29.5/29 - oh dear 0.5 over, had better not affect WI in the morning!

Happy Saturday y'all

Friday, 22 May 2009

Horrid horrid week,

Would like to say I'm glad to see that back of it but have to work tomorrow too!! Boo, just a normal length weekend for me then, hey ho. Been working 12hr days so planning is all out of whack as I simply just do not have the energy!!

Yesterday I was within point but ate rubbish

26.5/29pts was;

Poached egg on toast with tomatoes - 7pts
WW Hotpot & veg - 4pts
2 WW bars - 3pts
French fries - 1pt
Apple - 0.5pt

Looks ok up to then doesn't it.... then it all goes wrong as I didn't actually get home until 9.30pm after leaving the house at 6.15am - far too tired to cook I had;

D - 4 toast with lemon curd - 8pts & 2pkts of Squares 3pts


Today is not looking much better TBH

B - Cheerios & days milk 5pts
2 pkts of French fries 2pts
L - Prawn mayo salad box & buttered t-cake - 11pts
WW bar 1.5pts

19.5/29 pts - not sure what I can have for tea with 9.5pts!!!!!

Happy bank hol wkend people

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

What's the difference between stress & hunger??

Cause I have no idea - I know I'm stressed but feeling contantly hungry, called for some chip shop chips on the way home from work 7pts, 2 buttered bread 3pts, 2pkt of Wotsits 3pts and still feeling hungry so now, I'm putting it down to feeling stressed not hungry, no one could still be hungry after all that!?!

So total today;

B - Cheerios 3pts days milk 2pts
L - Chicken & picalli sandwich - 7pts, French fries 1pt
S - Crunchie 3.5pts
D - Chips 7pts, bread 3pts, 2 Wotsits 3pts

28.5/29 - ok for points soooooo bad for health!!
0 of my 5 a day, stress is rubbish.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tuesdays bloody Tuesdays....

Well, decided to wear my pedometer on a non-walking to work day, so a proper day basically, only clocked up 3086 steps, hmph, cannot even be bothered to top it up not to be honest, need an early night!

Today I have mainly eaten;

B - Weetabix minis (honey & nut) 3pts & days milk 2pts
L - WW Ocean pie & veg 4pts, Wotsits 1.5pts
S - 2x WW bars 3pts
D - Spag bol (3pts of mince) with 6pts of pasta!! Was starving...

22.5/29 points - finally clawed back the extra few I have been over the last couple of days!!

Happy Tuesday evening people

Monday, 18 May 2009

As sir Bob would say - tell me why I don't like Mondays!

Don't actually mind them - other than getting up of course, I'm pretty sure I used to be part of the cat family and could easily just wake up to hunt and eat then back off to bed again! lol

Anyho, down to WW business;

60g of Cheerios & days milk - 5pts
Chicken roll & coleslaw sandwich 8pts
French fries 1pt
Apple 0.5
2 WW bars - 3pts

2 small chops - 6pts
Potato - 3 + flora light 0.5pts
Gravy - 1pt
Apple sauce - 1pt
30g 1/2 fat cheese - 2.5pts

All in all...... 31.5/29 - oh flipping 'eck how did that happen?? Stupid cheese, hmph.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Worth every point!

Me n Dave made the executive descision to skip dinner and go straight to the pudding, bought a Aunt Bessies jam roly poly last week and I'm sure I have dreamt about it every night since!!

Points were at 18.5/29 and admittedly I have gone over by a few but much more focussed than when I used to have "No Count Sunday" as it is WI day today!!

11.5pts for the roly poly and then 2.5pts for the Ambrosia LF custard, at least that didn't follow an actual meal that would have used my points!?!
So 14pts for our "dinner" so 32.5/29 - not too bad in the grand scheme of things!!

Sloppy Sunday...

Been to WI - 1.5lb off, was hoping for 2 off to get my 2st (finally!) but hey ho, better off than all n all that!!

As I help out at class Sunday mornings are pretty action packed, set off the WI at 10am, help until 1pm and then get to the supermarket to pick up the forgotten items from yesterday!! By the time I got into today it was 2pm and only eaten 2 WW bars at meeting so by the time I got home I was ravenous, had a massive brunch!!

2x WW bars 3pts

2 sausages (6pts), 1 bacon (1.5), mini pot waffles x4 (2pts), 2 toast (3pts), 2 eggs (3pts)

18/29pts so far, planning on pork chops for dinner but thats miles off yet - still stuffed from brunch!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

My fav WW recipe!

Garlicky chicken - was in a Your Week a few months ago and this is now the 2nd time we have had it, we love it!
Basically chicken stuffed wi ELF & garlic wrapped in bacon (supposed to be parma ham but we are poor!)
Chicken breast was quite large so I have counted as 4pts (no skin), bacon 4.5pts, elf 0.5pt, New pots 2.5pts and sweetcorn as 1pts, also but a bit of flora light on the spuds (hense the shine!) so 0.5pt - all in all = 13pts
Total menu for today was;
B - mushrooms on toast - 3.5pts
S - WW Cookies 3.5pts, Fruit blended with nat yog - 2pts
D - Chicken etc 13pts

Creamy mushrooms - mmmmmmmmmmm

I dont often make this as I always forget to buy enough mushrooms! Had it for my brekkie this morning and was lovely!!
So yesterdays takeaway was donner meat with chips (Dave wanted a curry and I didnt want to be tempted by Bhajis & Chappatis!) so used 14 of my 17.5pts on that and followed with a chocolate mini milk lolly - not had one for yrs and was suprised how much taste they have, I thought they would be really bland but no I was suitably impressed and I think they are only 1.5pts so thats good!
Dave is working today so I think I will mainly be lounging and when the cabin fever sets in I may venture out for a walk if the rain stops!?
At WI in the morning, hopefully will be ok, def not been too bad but time will tell.... I help out at class as a clerk, if I didn't I know I wouldn't be able to afford to go so keeps me a little more focussed than going it alone.
Menu today is as unpredictable as ever when not at work - had the mushrooms on toast for breakfast (3.5pts) will prob just have a sandwich for lunch and possibly stuffed chicken breasts for tea!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Day off today!

Booked a days holiday to begin "operation deep clean"! We have been having a lot of work done in the house of late and not much more left to be done, sick of seeing dust I thought I would finally get round to trying to get rid of it!! I'm jiggered, not stopped all afternoon, hopefully some BPs??

Had a light lunch of Sardine in tom sauce (3pts) on some melba toast (1pt), yum! Really enjoyed it - don't think I have ever had sardines before!?

Total points so far 7.5 for brekkie and then 4 for lunch so 11.5/29, take away for tea, think I may try to tempt Dave to a chinese to make it more for my points (17.5!)!!

Happy Friday people!!


Oh flippin 'eck!

Not only a bad evening at football but thought all was well with points until now!

Was up to 17/29 - Had the last of last nights chilli n rice wi pitta bread 12pts which is 29/29....but then spoilt it by having 7 biscuits & 2 pkts of crisps, so was then up to 40pts of flip, 11points over.
Must try to get out for a walk today to claw some back.

Todays menu (off work today so not set in stone!)

2 boiled eggs & 3 toast - 7.5pts
Milk for coffees - 1pt

Think we will be having stuffed chicken breasts for dinner tonight with new pots and lashings of veg!!

Enjoy the rain XxX

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Football tonight!!

I'm soooooooooo excited, football tonight my beloved Leeds vs Milwall - still get a little scared of being stabbed at this clash but if all goes well tonight I may not have to worry about that for at least another yr!! To avoid the burger vans I may convince Dave to make me some sandwiches to take, cheaper on £s and pts!

Menu today is;

Cheerios 60g inc days milk - 5pts

Chicken roll & coleslaw sandwiches on 3 bread - 7.5pts
French fries - 1pt
WW Caramel wafer - 1.5pts
WW Blueberry bar - 1.5pts
Apple - 0.5pt

Prob same sandwich as above for tea too!!

17/29 + whatever I have for tea.

Enjoy your day!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

No walking to work for me today - decided the extra 1/2hr in bed was just not worth it lol!!
Basically we (BF - Dave and I) are sharing a car at the mo - thankfully he has found a new job, after 4mths out of work and living on just my wage! He starts work at 7am, which is good for him as he finishes at 3.30pm but that means if I get a lift I'm at work for 6.30am and if I was to walk I would be in bed 'til 6.30, leave the house at 7am and at work for 7.45 which is much more agreeable than just being sat doing nothing but I just didn't have the energy to commit myself to walking to work 2 days on the trot!! lol.

Menu for today is;

Cheerios 60g - 3pts, the days milk 2pts

Chicken roll & picalli sandwich on 3 kingsmill great everyday bread 6pts
Morrisons "wotsits" type crisps - 2pt (hmph!)
WW Wafer biscuit 1.5pt
WW peanut bar 1.5pt
Apple - 1/2pt

Homemade chilli - 12pts
Mince 5pts,
kidney beans 1pt,
1/2 pouch of micro-rice 3.5pts &
pitta bread 2.5

So if all goes to plan that will be 28.5/29pts and my Chilli will be ram packed with mushrooms/peppers etc so don't worry about my 5 a day!! lol

Have a good day y'all

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Made my 1st fish pie and it was scrumdiddliumtous!!
Contained (served 2 very hungry people, would prob do 4!) -
Smoked haddock - 3pts
Salmon - 3.5pts
Tiger prawns - 1
Pollack - 1.5
Potato - 4pts mashed with flora x-light 1pt
1/2 fat cheese - 5pts
Parsley sauce - 1pt
Total points = 20 but cheese wasn't really necessary!

So total points for today have been;

1.5pts from last nights crisps!
Cereal + total days milk - 5.5
WW Hotpot & Veg - 4pts
French fries - 1pt
WW Blueberry bar - 1.5
Fish pie - 10
Corn on the cob - 1
Mange tout - 0
24.5/29 pts!!

I'm jiggered!

Just walked to work - not done it for a few weeks and I'm worn out, it's about 3.5km and takes around 40mins - all practice for the Race for life next month - EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!

Ended up using 1.5pts from todays last night as I needed crisps!

Menu for today;

B - 60g of Weetabix minis 3.5pts semi skimmed milk (inc coffees) 2pts

L - WW Beef hotpot 3.5pts & steamfresh veg 0.5pt

S - WW Blueberry bar 1.5pts

D - something with mince!!

Monday, 11 May 2009

My tea!

Was very nice, decided against using the Crispy Pancakes that keep calling my name and thought it was much more practical to use up some left over roasted chicken from yesterdays Sunday roast. So we had a jar of Weight Watchers Mozzarella & Rocket Pasta Sauce (1pt) 100g of pasta (5pt), chicken (3pts) I added onion & mushrooms just in case the sauce wasn't bulky enough!
Followed by 2 custard creams (3pts) and a big cup of lovely tea!!
Soooooo total menu for today has been;
B - 60g of Cheerios (3pts) with 1/2pt skimmed milk (1pt)
L - WW Ocean pie (3.5pts) with steamfresh veg (0.5pt) & Walkers Squares (1.5pts)
S - WW Blueberry bar (1.5)
D - Pasta (5pts), chicken (3pts), WW sauce (1pt)
S - 2 Custard creams (3pts)
Also - word of warning, I have had a big bag of Bassetts Murray Mints in the car to nibble on after a road trip to the coast last weekend and thought I had better check the points, 1 per mint!!! Had 2 today, hpmh!
Supper - 6 cream crackers & a mini pot of ELF 3.5pts
Banked a massive 0.5 of a point!! lol
Oh dear had all of the above and still hungry - pls don't think just drink water, I have had a massive mug of tea and a pint of cordial in the last hr!! Gonna be pee-ing all night!
Gonna have to have something else - will knock it off tomorrows points - promise!!

Happy Monday!

Not feeling too blue today, makes a change! lol

I have been working in the warehouse this morning and normally when I spend some time down there I end up with an ok loss as I don't normally move when I'm just in the office!

Menu for today is;

B - 60g of Cheerios (3pts) with 1/2pt skimmed milk (1pt)
L - WW Ocean pie (3.5pts) with steamfresh veg (0.5pt) & Walkers Squares (1.5pts)
D - unsure as of yet but bought some crispy pancakes yesterday and I think they are calling me!! 1.5pts each is a bargain!!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Enough is enough!!

Time to stop all this messing about (over 1 year!) and get myself sorted, sick of bothering to make up excuses!!
Today is a brand new start and I'm gonna use this blog as a food diary (even the bad bits!) so I have no option of losing the info!

So here we go;

I have been going to WW for around 13 months and have only managed to lose 26lbs, rubbish! I'm currently 20st 10lb and need to get a grip and sort my head out - been on a little selfdestruct mission over the last week or so as I am completly fed up of being laughed at in public, I'm stuck in a vicous circle of losing weight - feeling better - people laugh at me - eat to forget - gain weight - get mad at myself - get back on track!

It's easy to say "well just lose the weght and prove them wrong" I need to do it for myself and bugger those who laugh - I always make it known that I have heard comments by either direct confrontation or by obnoxious remarks back, I pretend that it doesnt hurt but of course it hurts!

So I have been and re-stocked the freezer/cupboards with WW friendly items and I'm good to go....!