Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Some good news

For a ruddy change - Dave has passed his CSCS card so can get back into the building trade should he wish to and he has also had confirmation of his tax rebate!! Good times but then the talk of holidays has come up.....good times?? Erm no, I really don't know if I wanna go through all of people staring at me at the airport, asking for a seatbelt extension, being uncomfortable in the seat, being grumpy because of all of the above - then people staring while on hol itself, getting picked on on nights out..... the list is endless and I just wonder if I am just being selfish or trying to protect my Dave from the embarrasment of it all, he must be able to tell when people are staring and talking about me, I know so surely he does, it must be horrid for him... Might just tag along on the hol that my mum and aunty are going on to Spain (safety in numbers!)

Not been too bad points wise, again not the healthiest but at least it is within points;

B - Mini weetabix & days milk - 5pts

L - Beans on 2 toast - 6pts

S - French fries & WW bar - 2.5pts

D - WW Pizza & 1pkt french fries - 4.5pts

18/29 - will have to have some supper!!

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