Friday, 15 May 2009

Oh flippin 'eck!

Not only a bad evening at football but thought all was well with points until now!

Was up to 17/29 - Had the last of last nights chilli n rice wi pitta bread 12pts which is 29/29....but then spoilt it by having 7 biscuits & 2 pkts of crisps, so was then up to 40pts of flip, 11points over.
Must try to get out for a walk today to claw some back.

Todays menu (off work today so not set in stone!)

2 boiled eggs & 3 toast - 7.5pts
Milk for coffees - 1pt

Think we will be having stuffed chicken breasts for dinner tonight with new pots and lashings of veg!!

Enjoy the rain XxX

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