Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sloppy Sunday...

Been to WI - 1.5lb off, was hoping for 2 off to get my 2st (finally!) but hey ho, better off than all n all that!!

As I help out at class Sunday mornings are pretty action packed, set off the WI at 10am, help until 1pm and then get to the supermarket to pick up the forgotten items from yesterday!! By the time I got into today it was 2pm and only eaten 2 WW bars at meeting so by the time I got home I was ravenous, had a massive brunch!!

2x WW bars 3pts

2 sausages (6pts), 1 bacon (1.5), mini pot waffles x4 (2pts), 2 toast (3pts), 2 eggs (3pts)

18/29pts so far, planning on pork chops for dinner but thats miles off yet - still stuffed from brunch!


  1. That brunch sounds wonderful. My mouth is watering, and I've only just finished lunch. Good job on the 1½b.

  2. Ha, was lovely - thanks v much!!

  3. Ooh, sounded lovely. Hope you enjoyed!