Sunday, 10 May 2009

Enough is enough!!

Time to stop all this messing about (over 1 year!) and get myself sorted, sick of bothering to make up excuses!!
Today is a brand new start and I'm gonna use this blog as a food diary (even the bad bits!) so I have no option of losing the info!

So here we go;

I have been going to WW for around 13 months and have only managed to lose 26lbs, rubbish! I'm currently 20st 10lb and need to get a grip and sort my head out - been on a little selfdestruct mission over the last week or so as I am completly fed up of being laughed at in public, I'm stuck in a vicous circle of losing weight - feeling better - people laugh at me - eat to forget - gain weight - get mad at myself - get back on track!

It's easy to say "well just lose the weght and prove them wrong" I need to do it for myself and bugger those who laugh - I always make it known that I have heard comments by either direct confrontation or by obnoxious remarks back, I pretend that it doesnt hurt but of course it hurts!

So I have been and re-stocked the freezer/cupboards with WW friendly items and I'm good to go....!


  1. GO YOU!!
    You have recognised and changed your way of thinking...and that's half the battle!!
    Good luck on your journey!!

  2. Well done! that one post has spurred me on loads! Im just sick of being the fat one that everyone laughs at! good luck on ur journey, come visit my blog too need all the help i can muster LOL

  3. wow you seem to be a very strong person and i am here to support u all the way through!

    xhellen turnerx fb group