Wednesday, 13 May 2009

No walking to work for me today - decided the extra 1/2hr in bed was just not worth it lol!!
Basically we (BF - Dave and I) are sharing a car at the mo - thankfully he has found a new job, after 4mths out of work and living on just my wage! He starts work at 7am, which is good for him as he finishes at 3.30pm but that means if I get a lift I'm at work for 6.30am and if I was to walk I would be in bed 'til 6.30, leave the house at 7am and at work for 7.45 which is much more agreeable than just being sat doing nothing but I just didn't have the energy to commit myself to walking to work 2 days on the trot!! lol.

Menu for today is;

Cheerios 60g - 3pts, the days milk 2pts

Chicken roll & picalli sandwich on 3 kingsmill great everyday bread 6pts
Morrisons "wotsits" type crisps - 2pt (hmph!)
WW Wafer biscuit 1.5pt
WW peanut bar 1.5pt
Apple - 1/2pt

Homemade chilli - 12pts
Mince 5pts,
kidney beans 1pt,
1/2 pouch of micro-rice 3.5pts &
pitta bread 2.5

So if all goes to plan that will be 28.5/29pts and my Chilli will be ram packed with mushrooms/peppers etc so don't worry about my 5 a day!! lol

Have a good day y'all

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