Saturday, 23 May 2009

The end of a horrid week...

My weekend is finally here, worked this morning and thankfully caught up on quite a lot of work!! Wahoo!!! Downside is that Dave was due his 1st full weeks pay for 5mths - turns out it hasnt gone into his bank and he has the suspicious feeling that he may have given the wrong bank details, booo! Another weekend in then, not even got ANY petrol so can't even skip off to the coast with some sandwiches of our own - we are pretty much housebound, unless I can tempt him out to a walk!?

Anyho today I have eaten;

B - Mini weetabix & days milk - 5pts
S - 4 biscuits - 4pts
L - 2 boiled eggs on toast - 7pts
D - Bangers n mash - 10.5pts
S - mini milk lolly & mini twister lolly - 3pts??

29.5/29 - oh dear 0.5 over, had better not affect WI in the morning!

Happy Saturday y'all

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