Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tuesdays bloody Tuesdays....

Well, decided to wear my pedometer on a non-walking to work day, so a proper day basically, only clocked up 3086 steps, hmph, cannot even be bothered to top it up not to be honest, need an early night!

Today I have mainly eaten;

B - Weetabix minis (honey & nut) 3pts & days milk 2pts
L - WW Ocean pie & veg 4pts, Wotsits 1.5pts
S - 2x WW bars 3pts
D - Spag bol (3pts of mince) with 6pts of pasta!! Was starving...

22.5/29 points - finally clawed back the extra few I have been over the last couple of days!!

Happy Tuesday evening people

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