Saturday, 16 May 2009

Creamy mushrooms - mmmmmmmmmmm

I dont often make this as I always forget to buy enough mushrooms! Had it for my brekkie this morning and was lovely!!
So yesterdays takeaway was donner meat with chips (Dave wanted a curry and I didnt want to be tempted by Bhajis & Chappatis!) so used 14 of my 17.5pts on that and followed with a chocolate mini milk lolly - not had one for yrs and was suprised how much taste they have, I thought they would be really bland but no I was suitably impressed and I think they are only 1.5pts so thats good!
Dave is working today so I think I will mainly be lounging and when the cabin fever sets in I may venture out for a walk if the rain stops!?
At WI in the morning, hopefully will be ok, def not been too bad but time will tell.... I help out at class as a clerk, if I didn't I know I wouldn't be able to afford to go so keeps me a little more focussed than going it alone.
Menu today is as unpredictable as ever when not at work - had the mushrooms on toast for breakfast (3.5pts) will prob just have a sandwich for lunch and possibly stuffed chicken breasts for tea!!


  1. The mini milks...all flavours are even better!! :oP

  2. Oh excellent, 0.5 is even better!!