Monday, 11 May 2009

My tea!

Was very nice, decided against using the Crispy Pancakes that keep calling my name and thought it was much more practical to use up some left over roasted chicken from yesterdays Sunday roast. So we had a jar of Weight Watchers Mozzarella & Rocket Pasta Sauce (1pt) 100g of pasta (5pt), chicken (3pts) I added onion & mushrooms just in case the sauce wasn't bulky enough!
Followed by 2 custard creams (3pts) and a big cup of lovely tea!!
Soooooo total menu for today has been;
B - 60g of Cheerios (3pts) with 1/2pt skimmed milk (1pt)
L - WW Ocean pie (3.5pts) with steamfresh veg (0.5pt) & Walkers Squares (1.5pts)
S - WW Blueberry bar (1.5)
D - Pasta (5pts), chicken (3pts), WW sauce (1pt)
S - 2 Custard creams (3pts)
Also - word of warning, I have had a big bag of Bassetts Murray Mints in the car to nibble on after a road trip to the coast last weekend and thought I had better check the points, 1 per mint!!! Had 2 today, hpmh!
Supper - 6 cream crackers & a mini pot of ELF 3.5pts
Banked a massive 0.5 of a point!! lol
Oh dear had all of the above and still hungry - pls don't think just drink water, I have had a massive mug of tea and a pint of cordial in the last hr!! Gonna be pee-ing all night!
Gonna have to have something else - will knock it off tomorrows points - promise!!

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