Friday, 22 May 2009

Horrid horrid week,

Would like to say I'm glad to see that back of it but have to work tomorrow too!! Boo, just a normal length weekend for me then, hey ho. Been working 12hr days so planning is all out of whack as I simply just do not have the energy!!

Yesterday I was within point but ate rubbish

26.5/29pts was;

Poached egg on toast with tomatoes - 7pts
WW Hotpot & veg - 4pts
2 WW bars - 3pts
French fries - 1pt
Apple - 0.5pt

Looks ok up to then doesn't it.... then it all goes wrong as I didn't actually get home until 9.30pm after leaving the house at 6.15am - far too tired to cook I had;

D - 4 toast with lemon curd - 8pts & 2pkts of Squares 3pts


Today is not looking much better TBH

B - Cheerios & days milk 5pts
2 pkts of French fries 2pts
L - Prawn mayo salad box & buttered t-cake - 11pts
WW bar 1.5pts

19.5/29 pts - not sure what I can have for tea with 9.5pts!!!!!

Happy bank hol wkend people

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