Sunday, 17 May 2009

Worth every point!

Me n Dave made the executive descision to skip dinner and go straight to the pudding, bought a Aunt Bessies jam roly poly last week and I'm sure I have dreamt about it every night since!!

Points were at 18.5/29 and admittedly I have gone over by a few but much more focussed than when I used to have "No Count Sunday" as it is WI day today!!

11.5pts for the roly poly and then 2.5pts for the Ambrosia LF custard, at least that didn't follow an actual meal that would have used my points!?!
So 14pts for our "dinner" so 32.5/29 - not too bad in the grand scheme of things!!


  1. I have a golden syrup pudding tin, sat in the back of my cupboard. It yells at me now and then, but I haven't given in yet!! LOL