Sunday, 24 May 2009

WI Day!!

Wohooo, 3 lbs off - finally got to my 2st!! Yeah.

Done nothing other than go to WW this morning, tried to sit out in the sun for a while earlier, feels like I waste it when I don't get out in it, managed reading outside for 40mins! Rubbish, cannot do anything on my own, get too bored!! Dave is obv watching all the football on today!

WW wise been fairly good; Ended counting too many points for my lollies last night so had 28/29 instead of the 295/29 that I suspected!

Today I have had;

Post WI - 2 toasted fruit t-cakes - 7 inc spread
S - 2pks of french fries - 2pts
D - Quiche 7, new pots 2 & sweetcorn 1 - 10pts

19/29 so far, perhaps I can hear the choc sponge calling from the freezer!?!?


  1. Well done hun, that is a great result!

  2. Congrats on your 2 stone. Great achievement!