Monday, 18 May 2009

As sir Bob would say - tell me why I don't like Mondays!

Don't actually mind them - other than getting up of course, I'm pretty sure I used to be part of the cat family and could easily just wake up to hunt and eat then back off to bed again! lol

Anyho, down to WW business;

60g of Cheerios & days milk - 5pts
Chicken roll & coleslaw sandwich 8pts
French fries 1pt
Apple 0.5
2 WW bars - 3pts

2 small chops - 6pts
Potato - 3 + flora light 0.5pts
Gravy - 1pt
Apple sauce - 1pt
30g 1/2 fat cheese - 2.5pts

All in all...... 31.5/29 - oh flipping 'eck how did that happen?? Stupid cheese, hmph.

1 comment:

  1. only a tad over!

    You're doing really well! well done!

    Janine x