Saturday, 16 May 2009

My fav WW recipe!

Garlicky chicken - was in a Your Week a few months ago and this is now the 2nd time we have had it, we love it!
Basically chicken stuffed wi ELF & garlic wrapped in bacon (supposed to be parma ham but we are poor!)
Chicken breast was quite large so I have counted as 4pts (no skin), bacon 4.5pts, elf 0.5pt, New pots 2.5pts and sweetcorn as 1pts, also but a bit of flora light on the spuds (hense the shine!) so 0.5pt - all in all = 13pts
Total menu for today was;
B - mushrooms on toast - 3.5pts
S - WW Cookies 3.5pts, Fruit blended with nat yog - 2pts
D - Chicken etc 13pts

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