Wednesday, 20 May 2009

What's the difference between stress & hunger??

Cause I have no idea - I know I'm stressed but feeling contantly hungry, called for some chip shop chips on the way home from work 7pts, 2 buttered bread 3pts, 2pkt of Wotsits 3pts and still feeling hungry so now, I'm putting it down to feeling stressed not hungry, no one could still be hungry after all that!?!

So total today;

B - Cheerios 3pts days milk 2pts
L - Chicken & picalli sandwich - 7pts, French fries 1pt
S - Crunchie 3.5pts
D - Chips 7pts, bread 3pts, 2 Wotsits 3pts

28.5/29 - ok for points soooooo bad for health!!
0 of my 5 a day, stress is rubbish.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes we need a little "naughty" food like chips, I did that last Friday as I just felt like them, all pointed so all is fine. C xx